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Event Photo Booth Rental Service Malaysia Event Photo Booth Rental Service Malaysia Event Photo Booth Rental Service Malaysia Event Photo Booth Rental Service Malaysia

Photobox is become common nowadays. It is one of the attraction at roadshow & exhibition or any other corporate event to conjure laughter guests. It also a special door gift/souvenir which you prepared for your guest or client.Event PhotoBox Photo Booth Rental Service Malaysia

Had you plan your strategy on how to make your upcoming event/roadshow/exhibition more success and gain more interactive? Let’s us introduce one of our service – Event Photobox Renting.

Following are few of the key point which explained why we are one of your consideration:

· Ideal and unique combination of digital and analog marketing
With renting our service, the photos are printed directly and are branded with the company logo, slogan or desired images. It is a unique door gift that the guest or client received in your event. They can take the image and immediately hang up wherever they like with your event key message.

· Interaction between brand and consumer through digital
With creating a fun interaction with your consumer during the roadshow/event, consumer can directly share their fun time/experience through their social media platform. It can be either Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest. It is a good tools to increase the awareness of your event and engagement between your clients.

· Budget and report constrain
Our Photobox renting charges is reasonable and flexible to accommodate different requirement and budget. Furthermore the images during the event are available in unlimited quantities and we doesn’t not cost extra charges, no matter how many selfies the Photobox prints. We even provide a brief summary report with details such as total number of shots taken, total number of photo prints, total number of photo updated to Social Media etc. Besides, the photobooth software support survey form & guest’s database collection too.

event photo booth rental service malaysia

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