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Mon Amour Skincare, Product Photography Malaysia

product photographer malaysia

Skincare product is one of the common product in the world, we always see those hot selling skincare product listing in catalog and online advertising. Besides food & corporate photography service, we do offer product shooting as well. This round, we are required to cover Mon Amour cc cream, cleanser and also gift set.

Here goes some of the output of the shooting.

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product photography malaysia product photography malaysia

Malcorp Automotive Parts, Rubber Product Photography Malaysia

malcorp automotive parts product photographhy

I am not kind of auto guy, and this is my first time to photograph the automotive part products in Malaysia. During the product shooting session, I get to know how the auto part exactly look like, understand more on the function of the product. This would be one of my great experiences to gain knowledge in different industry such as automotive industry, and the proper automobile maintenance timeline.

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