jelson & yee fun jelson & yee fun

    Have just gone through once again on our wedding albums, and we are still amazed by those brilliant photos after looking it through dozens of time. Writing this in to thank you for capturing our most precious moment in those photos which have become the most wonderful memento for the rest of our lives. Eyecap studio has created a ‘story’ of our day with set, creative and incidental photos which blend together and make our greatest moment come alive every time we look at them. Nevertheless, we would like to express how grateful we are for helping us all the way through from the sunset proposal to the sweet engagement, from the romantic pre-wedding photo shoot to our greatest wedding day.

    Once again, thank you from Jelson & Yee Fun

johnny & angie johnny & angie

    Thank You for providing good service and the photos were wonderful.

    from Johnny & Angie

chua & eli chua & eli

    They had a meeting with me before my actual day to understand what is my run down for the day. They also advice me on where to take group photo and what i need to prepare in order to get the best shot. The photographers are friendly and easy to get along.

    For the price I’m paying, i would say they offer very professional service with affordable price. I will definitely recommend them to my friends.

    Thank very much!

    from Chua & Eli