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commercial photography commercial photography commercial photography

We offer photography service for corporate & director profile. It can be management team group photo at the website; an editorial content on your facebook writeup article; or a breif introduction of your company profile.

By having a corporate profile photography will definitely portrait a better image and confident to your client and industry players. Good photograph does help promoting your company’s products or services in more impact way.

We have 11 year’s corporate photography experience and used to work with international companies, listed companies and SME in Malaysia. Including Encorp Berhad, Mckinsey & Co, Umland Berhad, Kastam Malaysia, Opcom Berhad, NCH Malaysia, Dagang Halal Malaysia, Evonik Malaysia & others.

We offer series of corporate photography service for:
1. Better brand and corporate impression
2. Director & management team
3. Editorial content purposes
4. Production process for annual report & companies profile

Please view our corporate portfolio from HERE

To customize a photo shooting project to fit your requirement, please email us with the project requirement & specification.

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